How’s It Hanging?!

Hi, I’m Freyja and I’m a freelance PA system technician and audio engineer.

Whether you need a full scale PA system with delays for a stadium tour, a discrete installation for a fashion show or even a small scale system for a corporate event, I’m your girl!

If you are interested in my work or would like to make use of my services, then please feel free to contact me. My details can be found at the bottom of this page.

About Me

Live sound is my biggest passion in life! It has taken me a few years to find a role in the live music industry that I feel at home in but I have been lucky enough to find myself in a role that I’m in love with.

I graduated from Uni with a BA (Hons) in Audio and Music Production which was my gateway into live sound as well as recording, mixing and mastering.

I was lucky enough to be selected for an audio assistant scheme for the London 2012 Olympics and it was there that I worked alongside some awesome guys from Britannia Row Productions.

I started working in the BRP warehouse in November 2012 and luckily for me they have taken me under their wing and I have had some amazing opportunities with them. Having worked my way up from the shop floor painting boxes to running my own system at shows, I made the jump to freelancing in June of 2016.

As well as these I have been involved in several fashion show system installations, corporate and other sporting events.