Radiohead @ The Roundhouse

I wasn’t expecting to have anything to do with this gig at all considering all the hype surrounding it. BRP has a K2 and K1SB system installed in the Roundhouse on and off over the coming months and the Radiohead production wanted the use of the house PA. A team of 4 of us went in on the evening of the 25th to move the entire PA (8 x K2 & 4 x K1SB a side) forward so that the stage could be extended. Once this was done, the ground subs and arcs were put back in place and the system flashed.
The next day Radiohead’s system tech time aligined and tuned the PA to his specifications. Unfortunately, the main hangs (8 x K2) were only on 2 ½t motors, so steering them in using string was fairly tricky but we managed it. The flown subs (4 x K1SB) were on a single point and flown behind the main, so we had to take care to ensure that the CA-Com for the main was hung over the flown subs as well. As the PA had to be clean and tidy, we secured all motor cables above the PA in the roof with the signal cables.

Not being a huge Radiohead fan, I wasnt sure what to expect from the shows but it was a very exciting few days and a very unique experience. It was also great to work alongside the Radiohead audio crew who were all incredibly nice and lovely to work with. Due to the nature of the gig, there were some very strict security regultions meaning that only 1 of the 3 BRP audio techs at the venue were alowed in the FOH compound for the show. We generally took it in turns to babysit and keep an eye on our drive rack running LA Manger and Lake.

All 3 shows were a great success and ran very smoothly from our perspective. Once the final show was over it was time to mve the PA back to its original position, which thankfully took alot less time than it did to move it forward!

All in all a great experice and an excellent oppourtunity to learn how others use a system I’m familiar with.