Mixing/Stage Work


Warped Tour 2015 – Dodgy FOH guy…Luckily someone with apposable thumbs was able to step in…

Although I do find systems super exciting, (and obviously the most important part of live sound, duh!), I have been known to stretch to the odd bit of stage work and have even, on occasion, pushed some faders on a console or two.

My first taste of mixing was on a Midas Venice, so I spent my uni years finding my way around a good old fashioned analogue console. However, I have been very lucky to be surrounded by cutting edge technology at the companies I freelance for and so have attended many a digital console training session as well as taking an active role in prepping and maintaining the consoles in their warehouses.

More info about the consoles I have used can be found on my Experience and Training timeline.

My mixing career is off to a great start having been involved with a steady stream of projects since I began freelancing. I have done my fair share of tech-ing both FOH and Monitors with my most recent block of work as a Monitor technician for bands such as Deftones and Take That in 2018.

I am comfortable and confident around the majority of mixing consoles and can happily dial up a suitable mix for either Mons or FOH as well as ensuring all relevant hardware and software are talking to each other!  I am yet to develop my own style and feel for mixing and I hope to work towards this as I progress.


Creamfields 2014 – Stage & DJ tech’ing my little heart out. I also do not have a can of Monster in my hand…at all…

I have fairly extensive experience working on stage as it was where I first started on live shows. From Patch to DJ Tech, I have held most roles and am more than comfortable working a stage of any size, alone or as part of a team. With many, many stage roles under my belt, including the Brit Awards, MTV EMAs, The Proms etc, I have worked with and learned from the best to ensure I perform to the very best of my ability, especially in such a high octane environment.