Facebook Beach – Cannes Lions Festival

It was back to Cannes for the Lions Festival in June, a celebration of all things advertising and technology. As with last year’s festival, I was working for Innovision to bring the Facebook events to life for the week. We were super lucky to be working on the beach for the whole week, running sound for Q&As, award ceremonies, conferences and DJ sets for the evening celebrations.

We started with an overnight rig of 4 main sections; the bar, the pier, the beach and the ice room. Yes you read that correctly, ICE ROOM! Essentailly a freezer full of ice sculptures on the beach, an absoulte godsend with the weather nearing 40 degrees celcius during shifts! We used around 50 trusty L’acoustics X8s for the pier and beach sections, perfect for a discreet but powerful system, terrible for cable runs! Cue several hours of running 2 core from mission control (where our console, RF,amps and lakes were) to various structures! We also buried our multi in the sand to run from our tech room to the pier. Luckily for us this was done a few days in advance as several tonnes of set had to be placed on top of it before anything else could be built. In the bar/event area we had 6 subhired D&B T10s on round base stands with some B4 subs in the event area. The cable for these was run in from the roof to drop down to each box so that they could be easily disconnected in order to close off each area, a slightly more challengeing aspect of the rig!

The entire rig took about 3 full days to complete and come Monday morning it was time for the festivities to begin. The day shift saw mainly conferences and Q&As, while the evening shifts had more of a party vibe, with Facebook’s resident DJ, Terry Urban spinning the decks. This meant there were plenty of CDJs and 1210s to take care of too! Terry’s system was fairly simple, 1210s, a mixer and serato set up with a space for his laptop and 2 x L’acoustics 12XTs for monitors, however his location changed from day to day so we were on hand to re-set as production needed. We also had a guest DJ for Beach Party night who had a rather more extensive tech rider with a serious monitoring system. We had a rehearsal with the DJ and production the evening before to show off the SB18 with 2 x KARA a side for monitoring and the main beach party system of 2 x SB28 with 4 x KARA per side. Quite a solid system and went down very well!




Once the end of the week rolled round it was time for a final overnight de-rig (a fairly lengthy affair)! We managed to get out in record time and even hit up the local bar to await the incoming Referendum results, which was actually the most nail-biting part of our week by a mile!

Fantastic to be a part of such a cool gig with some brilliant people!

Au Revoir!