David Gilmour – Royal Albert Hall September 2016

Back with more Britannia Row David Gilmour shows to finish off the 2016 World Tour and this time it was a week in London’s historic Royal Albert Hall.

As with the previous shows we had a generous amount of PA to work with and a serious amount of motors to go with it. This was actually the first time I had worked with such a large system of motors and BRP hired in all the control for us to prep with so it was hands on straight away!

The first two shows were 24 hour days. Load in from 5am, build, test, sound-check, doors, show and load out all finishing up around 5am again. The remaining shows were back to back so thankfully only one load in and load out were needed!

Also, David had a few shows with guest vocalists and THIS happened; http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/benedict-cumberbatch-sings-david-gilmour-comfortably-numb-pink-floyd-london-royal-albert-hall-a7336806.html

View from the Gallery, Stage Left – Spot the flown amps!


Still rigging…


Show Time!



David was kind enough to sign a program for every member of the crew! Mine is now framed along with my pass.